Family Guy Online To Close Indefinitely


Well this is bummer news, the free-to-play MMO based on Fox Network’s hit animated sitcom, Family Guy, is closing indefinitely according to a recent post on the official site’s homepage. The game, which never made it past the initial beta phase, will end on January 18, 2013 and although not much information is known at this point, it’s pretty certain that this is not a typical end to a beta phase and will just not return seeing how the mico-transactions were already expensive and are being refunded to those that took part in them.

I had a chance to play the game at E3 while meeting Adam West and really enjoyed my time with it. In fact, I enjoyed it so much that I came back to the beta about three months later and got my character to level 20 before getting bored with the limited terrain. The game was supposed to open new environments but never did, the first clue that the game wasn’t doing so well.

The game was flanked with bugs and the community was small, but the game was extremely funny and great to take part in. You will be missed Family Guy Online.

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