Insert Coins was a mecca for gamers, nestled in Downtown Las Vegas. Inside there is a lot going on. On one side, there is an impressive collection of arcade cabinets. There was plenty of nostalgia on tap with fighting games, top down shooters, light gun shooters, and brawlers. They had games like Killer Instinct, Karate Champ, House of the Dead, Raiden and many, many more. On the opposite side there were private tables that can be reserved. Each table was decorated with all gamer accessories, emoji pillows, laser lamps and other stuff to make players feel as they had appeared in an arcade world. Table had a nice flat panel as its center piece and with a table reservation gamers had access to a myriad of console experiences.

insert-coin-21 Armed with a unique combination of classic cabinet arcade games, modern video-game systems playable on high-def screens at the bar or in VIP booths, diverse musical programming and a geek-chic vibe, Insert Coin(s) opened in April 2011 at 512 Fremont Street. It was one of the biggest bars in the burgeoning Fremont East party district, an area that has grown and changed considerably with the arrival of numerous bars, restaurants and entertainment options.

Downtown Las Vegas bar Insert Coin(s) has closed after a four year run “due to a rapidly changing DTLV business environment,” according to owner Christopher LaPorte. The bar’s management fell behind on rent and the property’s landlord filed for eviction late last month, LaPorte told the Sun. LaPorte said the situation is temporary, and he plans to re-open as soon as possible. If it doesn’t return, Insert Coin(s) will be remembered as one of the most diverse venues in the city, a place that set itself apart in the fast-moving Fremont East Entertainment District with a lot of different kinds of music, ways to have fun and people partying there. Other “bar-cades” have popped up around the Las Vegas Valley, too. More details on why has it been closed can be found here.